We conduct applied research with multidisciplinary approach towards ageing and the elderly. Our main areas are :
  • Health in the elderly
  • Healthy Ageing
  • Health Problems
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Social and health care services for the disabled
  • Active ageing
  • ICT applications in the field of Assistive Living
HUMAN TOUCH - pandemic through the grey lenses

" I could not touch my brother when he died "

" I could not touch the tiny hands of my granddaughter through the computer screen "

" I could not touch my daughter to give a hug when my husband passed away "

Human touch is a compilation of audio interviews of senior citizens sharing their experiences, difficulties, losses and ways to cope in the pandemic alongwith inputs from ageing experts.

Contributed by Senior citizens S R Chakraborty, K P Bhattacharjee, Susmita Chaudhuri, Subhash Majumder, Bharti Neogi and Molly Ghosh.
Expert inputs from Gerontologist Dr. Indrani Chakravarty and Geriatrician Dr. Indranil Maitra.
Interviewed by Esha Chakravarty.

Audio interview of Sr. Citizen Mrs. Molly Ghosh Audio interview of Sr. Citizen Mrs. Susmita Chaudhuri
Audio interview of Sr. Citizen Dr. Bharti Neogi Audio interview of Sr. Citizen Mr. S R Chakraborty
Audio interview of Sr. Citizen Mr. K P Bhattacharjee Audio interview of Sr. Citizen Mr. Subhash Majumder
Audio interview of Geriatrician Dr. Indranil Maitra
Innovative research on the role of dance as a Supportive Therapy in the approach towards Cancer
  • dance instils a feeling of well being through scientific procedures
  • restoration of beauty and self dignity
  • positive attitude and help endure painful treatment phases
  • connection with the surroundings, relations and overcoming stagnation
  • reduction of caregivers' stress
Article in Times of India
Research Projects Carried Out Year  Funding Agency
Aged in Calcutta : A Gerontological Study 1995-1996 Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi
The Aged in Slums : A Documentative Gerontological Study 1996-1997 The Peerless General Finance & Investment Company Limited
A Study Aimed at Utilizing the Potentials of the Senior Citizens for the Benefit of the society. 1997-1998 HelpAge India
Ageing & Disability : A Gerontological Study 2007 CMIG
Dynamics of Elder Care in Urban and Rural Milieu 2011-2013 ICSSR,  Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India
Important Papers Published
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