Seva Sakhi-Community Care Givers

Objective and Concept :

Seva Sakhis are NOT medical workers. They will provide hand-holding support to a person who has become dysfunctional temporarily or is incapacitated due to ageing etc. However, they should be equipped to advice for seeking medical help at any required point of time. At their own village/community level they may advice persons in need and facilitate interaction with medical/health frontline workers for their benefit.

Motto : Serving with care.

Training strategy : The trainees would be asked first about their ideas of their role and how they plan to handle, the difficulties that they anticipate. This would be a Bidirectional interactive class rather than a didactic One. This will bring the spirit of the entire program to the FORE. In every class, the trainees are to be encouraged to bring their ideas. These are life situations and every person will have knowledge, ideas and solutions that are grounded, situationally responsive. The teacher will try to make it clear to every trainee that this is not a classroom discussion, rather a sharing of experience, between two groups. The trainee knows about the realities on ground and the teacher knows the principles of care giving in a conscientious, humane and scientific way. So, the entire training is going to be a blend of each of these elements. The trainees should be encouraged to understand that they should prepare themselves to be a DEPENDABLE SUPPORT PROVIDER, NOT AN ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL CARE RESOURCE.

Duration of the training : 5 weeks (150 hours)

Evaluation : Total Marks = 300 (Written Test-200 + performance in group discussion-50 + Viva voice-50)

Qualification : SHG member having passed Madhyamik (ClassX) examinations

Modules for the training :

For more information, please contact or

First batch of Seva Sakhi will commence from February 18 2022.

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